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Like most of our clients, you’ll likely be with us for the long haul.

Conance Limited was founded in 1985 to provide trade financier services to small and medium-sized importers based in the UK. The company has remained independent and privately owned, allowing us to function freely and provide you with a more personal level of service than many of our institutionally-owned competitors.

Our philosophy revolves around relationships. We believe that we can help your business succeed by offering a unique solution to every client’s unique needs. This personal touch is what makes our company special, and the reason some of our clients have stayed with us for decades.

We’re ready to handle all of your funding needs. And if your business needs advice, support, or any other help with the importing process, our experienced team will work closely with yours to help guide your company to success.

Meet the team

  • Christopher Seabrooke
  • Christopher Seabrooke


    Chris founded Conance in 1986 and has been its Chairman ever since. Based in South Africa, he is currently CEO of Sabvest Limited, and serves as a non-employee director of many other JSE listed companies including Brait SE, Datatec Limited, Massmart Holdings Limited, Metrofile Holdings Limited, Torre Industries Limited and Transaction Capital Limited.

  • Graeme Sands
  • Graeme Sands

    Managing Director / CEO

    Graeme joined Conance in 1987, and was then elected to the board in 1991. He has been in the import industry for over thirty years and CEO of Conance for more than twenty. Graeme’s ability to effectively counsel clients on strategy and the ins and outs of supply is invaluable. His reputation for excellence makes him one of the most well-respected professionals in the industry.

    Graeme is also a proud patron of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  • Spencer Saffer
  • Spencer Saffer

    Financial Director/CFO

    Spencer has been with Conance since 1988 and is a board member. Prior to joining the company he was the financial controller for an import-group and maintained numerous relationships with financiers throughout the field. His expertise lies in developing, managing and maintaining the IT systems necessary to fund and facilitate commercial trade across borders.

  • Steve Cogswell
  • Steve Cogswell

    Operations Manager

    In 2005 Steve came over to Conance from NMB Heller and has had a career in trade finance since 1970. He is extremely well-known and respected in the industry, and is the main specialist in our Letter of Credit and Documentary Processing department.

  • Steve Cogswell
  • Niki Heigho

    Operations Executive

    Niki has recently joined us from the banking industry giving us extra strength and support in all areas of the business including security documentation and compliance.

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