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1. Why not just use a bank?

Mainstream banks are complex and unspecialised – and can present problems when it comes to planning and executing your imports. World-class counselling on all matters relating to commercial trade will not be available from more traditional institutions. Traditional funders also almost never provide pre-shipment financing if you need to secure the material and/or labour necessary to fulfil a sales order in the first place.

2. Where do you get your funds from?

We are privately owned and managed. We use our own capital and independently arrange for
funding from numerous mainstream and regional lenders. This allows us to get you the funds you need quicker than most banks and traditional institutions.

3. What size facilities do you offer?

Our facilities range in size from £25,000 (for the micro-business) to £1.5m in exceptional circumstances. New clients will likely not be able to secure finance above £500,000. How much does your business need? Just get in contact and we’ll let you know if we can help.

4. What security do you take?

Each case is taken on its own merits. We do not offer unsecured facilities.

5. How quickly can you make decisions?

Since the financial crisis of 2007/8, the mainstream banks have found it increasingly difficult to make quick decisions. We pride ourselves on our ability to act quickly. From the introductory meeting, you are dealing with the decision makers of the business. It’s not unusual to have facilities agreed and operational within 5 working days of the initial meeting.

6. Do you take assignment of the purchase/sales orders?

Unlike a lot of the majority of other Trade Financiers, we do NOT take any assignments over the orders. Your suppliers invoice you in the normal way as well as you invoicing your customers in the normal way.

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