Payments to Suppliers

With our supplier payment service you can pay your suppliers earlier, without compromising your working capital. In most transactions, your suppliers are forced to finance the period between order placement and payment. By using us to pay your suppliers once the goods are ready to be shipped, they can eliminate any potential risk. This helps you maintain a great relationship your supplier, allowing you to negotiate from a position of strength and possibly even a reduction in the costs of goods purchased.

Why Choose Us?

Easy same day service

In most cases, we offer same day service for payments. All you need to do is provide the essential suppliers bank information, as well as copies of commercial invoices, packing lists, and bills of lading or other transport documentation if available. Submit your request by email, phone, or in person and we’ll take care of the rest.

We offer great finance terms

We offer terms of up to 120 days from the bill of lading date, allowing you more than enough time to take delivery, process, deliver the order to your client, and get paid.

We handle foreign currency exchange

Our internal FX team can handle the forward cover necessary to protect your purchase cost. This ensures that your margin is locked in, providing added security to the transaction at the time of receiving the order from your customer.

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