Documentary Collections

Our documentary collection service allows your suppliers to securely send shipping documents to be released only against payment. The process works by having your supplier submit commercial documents to us through one of our banks, at which point, once you are happy, we can release payment and take up the documents. This allows your supplier to transfer the documents without risk to either party. The process also cuts out the paperwork, time and cost involved with letters of credit, while still maintaining a sufficient level of security.

Why Choose Us?


With the documents presented to the counters of one of our efficient banks, we can make sure that any urgent documents are taken up in timeous manner. We can also arrange for bills of lading to be sent directly to your freight forwarders. Conversely, if a shipment arrives which has been shipped either too early or late, we can advise you on the best ways of negotiating with your supplier.

We offer great finance terms

We offer terms of up to 120 days from the bill of lading date, allowing you more than enough time to take delivery, process, deliver the order to your client, and get paid.

We handle foreign currency exchange

Our internal FX team can handle the forward cover necessary to protect your purchase cost. This ensures that your margin is locked in, providing added security to the transaction at the time of receiving the order from your customer.

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